How to submit a video assignment

Export your video project

If you’ve been editing your video, you will need to export it out of your editing software before you can submit it to us. Typically you will be exporting to the file format .mp4

How to export from OpenShot or iMovie

OpenShot: Go to File > Export

iMovie: Go to File > Share > File…

Use the default settings, and your video should be exported as an .mp4 file. This can then be uploaded to Learn.

Submitting your video to Learn

Before you can submit an assignment, you need to read the Own Work Declaration and click Mark Reviewed.

Click the submission link.

Click Write Submission > Mashups > Media Hopper Create Media

A new window will pop up.

Click Add New > Media Upload

Upload your video file.

Enter a name for the video and click Save and Embed

When you are asked “Would you like to submit media as assignment?”, click Yes, please.

Your video should now be visible in the assignment submission text area, as shown below:

Optional: If you are submitting any other files as part of the assignment, add these via Attach files > Browse My Computer

Click Submit

You should see a “Success!” message confirming that your submission has been received. You should also receive a confirmation message sent to your University email account.


You can find more information about Media Hopper Create from Information Services at the University of Edinburgh.

Media Hopper Create: get help using this service

If you have any problems uploading your video assignment, please contact the Course Secretary.