Shoot and edit a video

Some assessments involve making a video. This page outlines some options available to you for shooting and editing that video.


You don’t need any fancy equipment to make these videos. It’s likely that your smartphone will be able to shoot video to a sufficient quality for these projects.

Our main tips for shooting video on your phone:

  • Hold the phone horizontally
  • Hold the phone as steady as you can
  • Shoot somewhere with enough light

We also recommend taking a look at the University of Edinburgh’s DIY Film School Online Course. This takes 10 minutes to review and is a great introduction to shooting video on your phone.

DIY Film School Online Course

Transferring video from your phone to your computer

Transfer video from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Transfer video from an Android device



Our recommended software for editing on Windows is OpenShot Video Editor.

Download OpenShot Video Editor

How to use OpenShot Video Editor


Our recommended video editing software for Mac is iMovie. This comes pre-installed on most Macs and should be available from your Applications folder.

How to use iMovie

Alternative editing software

If you’re on Windows 10 and you’re having problems with OpenShot, you might like to try the Microsoft Photos app. This comes included with Windows 10 and has a video editing tool built in to it.

How to create videos with Microsoft Photos

The University of Edinburgh’s DIY Film School also provide a list of alternative video editing apps

Alternative video editing apps


If you run into problems making your video, please contact the E-Learning Developer for your course.