Reduce the size of a PowerPoint file

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Check the size of your file

You can check the size of your file by going to File > Properties

If you’re submitting your file for an assignment, we recommend aiming for a file size of 20MB or less. Larger files can take a long time to upload, and things can go wrong if you experience network problems during the upload.

How to reduce the size of your file

There are two things you can do within PowerPoint to reduce the size of your file. Neither of them are guaranteed to work, but they are both worth trying.

1. Compress images

Click on an image in your presentation.

This will bring up the Picture Tools / Format tab:

Click Compress Pictures.

Uncheck Apply only to this picture and select Email (96ppi): minimize document size for sharing.

Click OK and save the file.

2. Compress media

If your presentation has audio or video embedded in it, you might be able to reduce the file size through the following steps.

Click File:

Choose Compress Media > Internet Quality. If your file is especially large, you might want to choose Low Quality.

Further help

If you require further assistance with compressing your file, please contact the E-learning Developer for your course.